Language Acquisition:

Children master their language within the first few years of their lives, and I am interested in the mechanism that drives this process. Currently, I am interested in how children learn the rules of their language, as well as the exceptions to these rules. As part of ongoing work with The Child Language and Learning Lab at Penn, I am experimentally investigating the threshold at which children overgeneralize a rule. I also conduct corpus work to retrieve child errors that are telling to the rule learning process.



I am interested in the cross-linguistic status of external arguments and subjecthood. I am currently working on Hindi passives and quirky subjects.


American Sign Language:

My recent work on definite expressions in American Sign Language shows that the same phonological form can represent either definite or indefinite expressions depending on whether the referent has previously been introduced in the discourse. I show that the pointing index finger sign that has been argued to be a pronoun, is in fact either a strong definite article or an indefinite article. I have also worked on wh-questions in the language.